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~Getting to the Heart of the Matter Manual

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter Manual-
Applied Knowledge about Chakras, 5 Elements and the Tree of Life

What: This manual aims to familiarize participants with several models of natural medicine. We also will apply those models to assess ourselves and to design solutions to life problems. The techniques shared can be used with our clients, for our families, or just for ourselves.

We are co-creators of our lives and environments. As such, the very way we do things, the way we think, what feels good and correct are heavily influenced by the people and environments we have been exposed to from birth until now. What about other possibilities? Have we adopted the best patterns and processes? How can we evaluate our progress? How do we make systematic changes? Where do we start? These are some of the questions we will begin to answer.

It’s true that people can spend a lifetime studying each of these 3 models. And it is also true that we do not have to know how to build an automobile to drive. After driving for a while, we may understand that it would serve us to know more about auto mechanics, but we can derive much value from simply driving. Mastering the intricacies of these models is beyond the scope of these sessions; however participants will understand how to apply powerful techniques using these models to improve their lives and the lives of people around them.

Section 1--self-assessment
Section 2 --Using the Chakras 
Section 3--Using the 5-element model
Session 7--Using the Tree of Life as the integrator

Authors: Ms. Stephanie Mwangaza Brown, an acupuncturist, Reiki Master and herbalist, practicing for over for 17 years and
Minister L’Tanya I. Buck-Hatcher, a spiritual, emotional and (w)holistic development seminar and workshop trainer for adults and youth


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