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Aya Herbals

Rejuva Creme Moisturizer for Face, Hands and Feet

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Immerse your skin in nature's purest form with Rejuva Creme, a leading herbal facial cream hailing from the heart of herbal moisturizers Washington. This powerful natural moisturizing cream is meticulously crafted, especially for dry skin that longs for a nourishing touch. Made with organic ingredients, Rejuva Creme is not just any organic natural moisturizer; it's an ode to Mother Nature herself. 

Nature’s Embrace: The Perfect Blend for Skin Nourishment

With the goodness of Olive oil, Golden Seal, Mullein, and more, this natural moisturizer cream promises to protect your skin from environmental toxins, disinfect, and provide unmatched hydration. The presence of Aloe Vera Gel, Neem Oil, and Vitamin E ensures that your skin is pampered, healing any irritation and sealing in moisture. Whether it’s the delicate skin of your face or the often-neglected skin of your hands and feet, Rejuva Creme stands out as the best herbal face moisturizer. If you've been seeking a natural moisturizer for feet that also serves your face and hands, your search ends here. Dive into the world of Ayaherbals and embrace the revitalizing embrace of Rejuva Creme. Your skin will thank you!

Size: 1 oz.

Shelf Life: 2 years from date of purchase
Skin Moisturizer for Face, Hands & Feet

Rejuva Creme is a powerful moisture cream. It is designed especially for dry skin. It has multiple phases in one: protects from and disinfects environmental toxins, hydrates and moistens, heals irritation, and nourishes delicate facial skin. It is the face cream that your skin will love. Excellent for re-hydrating chapped and cracked hands and feet.

Contains: Olive oil, Golden Seal, Mullein, Plantain, Slippery Elm, Aloe Vera Gel, Neem Oil, Fennel, Vitamin E, Pearl Powder

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