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Stop The Pendulum Tincture - Stress Reliever & Mood Balancer

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Introducing the Stop The Pendulum Tincture, a master blend of natural ingredients tailored to be your ultimate herbal stress reliever. Curated with utmost precision, this tincture is more than just an elixir; it's a beacon of balance for those seeking solace in nature's bounty. 

At the heart of this creation is its commitment to offering a genuine anti-anxiety tincture. It harmoniously battles internal and external stressors such as worry, inflammation, and cloudy thinking, which often cloud our days, leading to emotional instability. The result? A tincture that provides relief from symptoms like depression, sadness, lethargy, anxiety, and mood swings.

Harnessing Nature's Potency for Mental Tranquility

The richness of the mood tincture can be attributed to its potent natural ingredients. These include Zhi Ban Xia, Dan Nan Xing, Huang Qin, Gua Lou Ren, Zhi Shi, Fu Ling, Chen Pi, and Xing Ren. Each element has been carefully selected to enhance its properties as a stress relief tincture, ensuring that every drop offers the rejuvenation and tranquility you seek.

Whether caught up in the rigors of daily life or navigating through turbulent times, the good mood tincture is a reliable ally, a testament to the wonders of natural mood balancers. Embrace the essence of balance and serenity with the Stop The Pendulum Tincture. Experience nature's touch in every drop.

Size: 2 oz.

Servings: 100 ten drop servings
Shelf Life: 1 year from date of purchase

Stress Reliever/Mood Balancer
Stop The Pendulum Tincture harmonizes stressors, such as worry, inflammation, cloudy thinking, or emotional instability that can affect the mood. Helps depression, sadness, lethargy, anxiety and mood swings caused by internal and external stressors.

Contains: Zhi Ban Xia, Dan Nan Xing, Huang Qin, Gua Lou Ren, Zhi Shi, Fu Ling, Chen Pi, Xing Ren

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